Financial Analysis & Cashflow For Financial Controllers & Corporate Accountants

Author: David Cartney
ISBN: 9780864607652
Publisher: Thomson Reuters
Publish Date: 01/02/2012


Financial Analysis & Cashflow For Financial Controllers & Corporate Accountants


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This book is designed to give financial controllers and corporate accountants practical financial analysis techniques so that they can improve the financial performance of the business and contribute to decision-making at the senior management level.

The financial analysis techniques covered in the book help you to deliver practical outcomes that will be valued by senior management and help raise your profile in the organisation from a commercial perspective.

Financial Analysis and Cashflow for Financial Controllers & Corporate Accountants is authored by David Cartney, a well known chartered accountant who is a professional business mentor and trainer.  David has taught thousands of accountants and company directors financial analysis techniques for many years.

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Topics covered in this book include:

  • The importance of ratio analysis
  • Variance analysis to monitor performance
  • Urgent cashflow management in a credit crunch
  • Cost implications of capacity and demand management
  • Analysing interest rates
  • Customer profitability improvement