Strategic Financial Analysis & Cashflow for Company Directors

Author: David Cartney
ISBN: 9780864607645
Publisher: Thomson Reuters
Publish Date: 16/12/2011


Strategic Financial Analysis & Cashflow for Company Directors


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This book is designed to give company directors strategic financial skills, which are aimed at improving business performance and assisting the director to contribute at the board level.

These techniques, if implemented appropriately, facilitate improved financial performance and transparency in relation to the performance of a business. This book provides the company director with a pathway to understanding and developing skills in assessing the business and contributing to the strategic improvement of its performance overall.

The areas of expertise covered for the company director are complementary to the expected financial analyses techniques and skills of the corporate accountants inside the company, external advisors or accountants in practice.

Strategic Financial Analysis & Cashflow for Company Directors is authored by David Cartney, a well known professional business mentor and trainer, who has taught hundreds of Company Directors strategic financial skills in corporate governance.  

It will equip Company Directors with the knowledge and financial analysis tools to improve performance, plan for growth and satisfy shareholders

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Topics covered in the book include:

  • Corporate governance and financial analysis
  • Management control statements
  • Transparency of enterprise risk and value creation
  • The importance of ratio analysis
  • Planning for growth
  • Setting dividend policy
  • Economic analyses