What do Accounting Clients Really Want? Second Edition

ISBN: 9780864608383
Publisher: Thomson Reuters
Publish Date: 26/09/2013


What do Accounting Clients Really Want? Second Edition


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Why are some accountants so much more successful than others? 
How do some accountants attract big and loyal clients while others just seem to repel them? 
What are the secrets to their winning ways? 

The professional services market within Australia and beyond has changed significantly. The tax and accounting industry is not only about delivering technical service, but doing so in a consistent and high quality manner. With the market becoming more competitive than ever, clients expect more from their accountants and advisers to not only guide their business through the maze of compliance requirements but to take full advantage of the opportunities that come their way. Never before have accountants been in a position to make a real and lasting difference for their clients. 
What Do Accounting Clients Really Want? gives you the necessary insights to better understand the mindset, motivations and expectations of people who buy accounting services. Through a series of 20 interviews with CFOs and Managing Directors, the author James Evangelidis seeks the answers to questions like: 
  • How important is price to clients?
  • Does a firm’s brand affect the client’s decision?
  • Are services like audit and tax commodities or value adds?
  • What do CFOs want when engaging a new accounting firm?
  • How can you improve services to clients?
These interviews were conducted in the workplace of small to medium sized businesses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra in the following industry sectors:
  • Retail 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Agribusiness 
  • Software 
  • Education 
  • Sports 
  • Engineering 
  • Logistics 
  • Not-for-profit association 
  • Consulting & business services
The difference between each accounting firm will lie in the soft skills of their staff members – from top to bottom. It is the strength of these skills that translates to the competitive advantage gained for the firm, and thus its long term business prospects. Ensure you have the tactics and tools on how to service your existing client base and attract new ones.