Australian Tax Legislation 2020 Volumes 1-3

ISBN: 9780864697844
Publisher: Thomson Reuters
Publish Date: 22/02/2020


Australian Tax Legislation 2020 Volumes 1-3

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Australian Tax Legislation Volumes 1-3



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Australian Tax Legislation 2020 provides a comprehensive set of up-to-date income tax legislation and allows for easy navigation and speedy location of subjects of interest.

It consolidates all essential income tax law and related legislation and amendments in force as at 1 January 2020 and includes history notes to aid interpretation of tax laws, all in a single package.

Set out in an easy-to-follow, logical layout, you can choose from either the 3-volume income tax legislation set, the 4-volume set which includes tax and superannuation or purchase volume 4 (superannuation) separately.

Australian Tax Legislation Volume Content

ITAA 1997, pending legislation (if appropriate)

ITAA 1997, Administration, Taxation offences, FBT

ITAA 1936, Rating Acts, International tax agreements, financial transaction reports, overpayments and early payments, Main consolidated index

Superannuation: prudential supervision, taxation of superannuation, tax administration, Superannuation taxing Acts, government co-contributions, superannuation guarantee, small and lost accounts, resolution of complaints, Corporations legislation (extracts), family law (superannuation) (extracts), superannuation-related index