Successful Tender Writing

Author: Sandra Michie
ISBN: 9780864607447
Publisher: Thomson Reuters
Publish Date: 07/12/2011


Successful Tender Writing


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Successful Tender Writing is about demystifying the complexity of the tender process. By explaining procurement jargon in simple terms and providing tender response examples, it encourages small business operators to approach tendering with confidence, so as to show their capabilities to competitive advantage.

There is a lucrative government market for supply of goods and services that is accessible only through the process of tendering for that supply. Preparing a plausible and ultimately winning tender bid requires special expertise that does not exist organically in most organisations.

Small business operators are subject matter experts in their chosen field.  They know their core business inside and out.  They can talk all day about what they do and what sets them apart from their competitors.  What they can't always do is present this information in a compelling and persuasive tender submission.

Although the information in this book focuses on Australian Government procurement, it will also have wider application for state, territory and local government tendering as well as grant and other funding submissions.  These processes all have the same common theme - they are competitive and they are about responding to evaluation criteria.

The purpose of Successful Tender Writing is to empower small business operators to actively pursue tendering as a means of growing their business.


Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Historical context

Chapter 3. Where to look� Sourcing tenders and business opportunities

Chapter 4. The Australian Government procurement process

Chapter 5. Mandatory procurement rules

Chapter 6. Understanding the tender jargon

Chapter 7. Legislation that impacts on tendering

Chapter 8. The Go/ No Go evaluation

Chapter 9. Relationship building

Chapter 10. Developing quality systems

Chapter 11. Managing risk

Chapter 12. Compliance requirements

Chapter 13. Prequalification

Chapter 14. Writing the Tender Submission

Chapter 15. Tender winning tips

Chapter 16. Grant writing

Chapter 17. What is the tender evaluation team looking for?

Chapter 18. Pricing

Chapter 19. The debrief

Chapter 20. Understanding the contract

Appendix� Sample responses

Glossary of Terms

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