Tax Guide 2018

Publisher: Thomson Reuters
Publish Date: 13/07/2018


Tax Guide 2018


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Keep your firm’s name at your clients’ fingertips.

Thomson Reuters' Tax Guide 2018 is the cost-effective way to enhance your client relationships. Give your clients fast, timely access to key tax data in one concise resource and highlight your commitment to making their working life easier.

These handy booklets allow you to add value to a broad range of clients, encouraging them to turn to you – not your competitors – for advice. Packed with helpful tax information, Tax Guide 2018 becomes a powerful promotional tool when distributed free of charge to your clients.

Tax Guide 2018 provides you with the option of having three different covers for your varying marketing needs:

  1. Standard cover: a cover designed by Thomson Reuters, and features the 2018-19 calendar on the back cover
  2. Personalised cover: a Standard cover with your company logo overprinted in black or colour, practice details on inside covers and the 2018-19 calendar on the back cover
  3. Customised cover: a cover that is entirely designed to your firm's liking. Either in black/white or colour, this cover gives you the choice of completely controlling your marketing brand.

Carrying your branding, Tax Guide 2018 will:

  • Help generate enquiries
  • Improve your level of customer service
  • Secure your client base
  • Increase your profile
  • Differentiate you from your competitors

Published in June 2018, this edition features:

  • 2018-19 Federal Budget Announcements
  • Developments to Watch in 2018-19
  • Current Tax Rates
  • 2018-19 Tax Calendar
  • Rebates and Thresholds

Tax Guide 2018 is available with a customised cover. Please contact your Account Manager or Thomson Reuters Customer Care on 1800 074 333 to discuss.