Client Alert - Email

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Client Alert - Email


Client Alert Newsletter

Client Alert is a marketing tool that helps you add value for your clients by keeping them up-to-date with current accounting and taxation developments. It enables you to produce a client newsletter template, with your company logo in just minutes.

Client Alert is packed with concise updates that alert your clients to issues that may affect their business, which may in turn lead to more work for your firm.

Each edition includes a prepared cover letter highlighting the newsletter’s main points. Explanatory commentary gives you the background behind each article, providing additional support when answering client queries.

The newsletter is yours to reproduce for your customers using any method you find suitable; however, the newsletter content has copyright restrictions, which means your customers may not then reproduce articles for further distribution without requesting permission from Thomson Reuters.

Subscribers also receive:

  • An FBT return checklist in the lead up to the end of the FBT year
  • Helpful tax-time information to prepare your clients for year-end tax issues 
  • A special Federal Budget report summarising the important announcements
  • A tax return preparation checklist in the lead up to tax return season
  • A Due Diligence checklist that includes common areas that need to be considered when purchasing a business.

"We have used Thomson Reuters’ Client Alert Email for many years. We originally subscribed to it to keep us and our clients up to date on the latest tax and accounting developments. Aside from keeping us and our clients informed on latest developments, we found it has also helped enhance our image in the market place. Because we don’t advertise and rely mainly on recommendations from our existing clients to get new business, we have found the Client Alert Email has been a tremendous help in our new business development. It certainly has put our company name in the forefront of our clients’ minds whenever they recommend a Tax and Accounting firm to anyone." 
- Richard Lukin & Associates Pty Ltd


Powerful marketing/promotion tool saving you time on research in writing content for a newsletter.