Tax Rates and Tables

Publisher: Thomson Reuters


Tax Rates and Tables

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A reference guide that combines comprehensive coverage of Australian tax rates, Tax Rates & Tables offers a wealth of practical information and tools. Focused on both tax returns and tax planning, it includes rates for both the current and future financial years, where available.

The clear, succinct and easy-to-use rates and tables are logically organised in subject groups. Concise explanations and commentary of developments through the year are provided.

The 2020 update contains information on Coronavirus crisis measures.

Tax Rates & Tables improves your productivity by ensuring:

  • You can quickly calculate rebates
  • Key tax data for tax return preparation is easy-to-use and quick to find
  • Rates are correctly used and applied
  • You can quickly locate specific tax rates
  • You have the latest rates and tables when you need them most
  • Your understanding is enhanced with commentary, tips and notes
  • You can stay up to date with the changes and how these impact your calculations


• Individuals
• Entities
• CGT, FBT withholding tax
• Superannuation and retirement
• Specific items
• Assessments and objections
• Stamp duty
• Payroll tax
• Land tax
• Social Security
• Excise duty
• Effective life schedules
• Tax payable ready reckoners
• 2015-2016 Tax payable ready reckoner
• Addresses and telephones
• Internet contact guide
• 2015-16 Federal Budget
• Index


  • User friendly so saves you time finding the information you need
  • Allows you to make quick calculation of rebates
  • Keeps you in touch with due dates
  • Saves looking up endless announcements from the ATO by gathering tax rates information from one handy source
  • ­