Accounting Q&A Bulletin

Publisher: Thomson Reuters


Accounting Q&A Bulletin


Accounting Q&A Bulletin Overview

Highlighting a real-life accounting issue/scenario commonly faced by accountants, the Accounting Q&A Bulletin service enables you to receive a weekly practical Tip on current and topical issues.

When something important happens in the accounting space, you will be highlighted to it in the weekly Tip. You also get access to a library of existing Tips as part of your subscription, with a new Tip added each week.

Accounting Q&A Bulletin Features

  • Current – When something important happens in the accounting space, the authors will highlight it immediately in the weekly Tip
  • Updated weekly – Receive a new practical Tip each week, highlighting a real-life accounting issue/scenario commonly faced by accountants
  • Q&A format – Each Tip highlights the issue, how to address that issue, and any important background information
  • Library of Tips – Upon subscription, have access to a repository of existing Tips, with a new Tip added each week
  • Searchable – Accessed from Checkpoint, benefit from the search features and functions of the powerful Checkpoint online platform 

Accounting Q&A Bulletin Benefits

  • Save time – Quickly and easily access a library of accounting Tips with peace of mind that they are accurate, current and prepared by experts
  • Keep up to date – Have access to new developments and important real-life issues faced by accountants every day
  • Short and succinct – Tips are designed to get straight to the point, but provide enough practical information to adequately address each issue
  • Learning Tool – The Tips can be used as a learning tool by accounting firms, corporates and audit firms to maintain and upskill the knowledge of staff.  Corporate accountants benefit from the weekly Tips by helping to identify issues prior to being audited. 
  • Authored by Moore Stephens – Authored by accountants for accountants and auditors, and for professionals working in the accounting space.