ASIC Managed Investments Handbook

Associate Author: ASIC
Publisher: Thomson Reuters


ASIC Managed Investments Handbook


Regulatory information on managed investment schemes, direct from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

If you deal with managed investments schemes, this is an essential tool to stay on top of your compliance obligations. Written, authorised and endorsed by ASIC and delivered by Thomson Reuters, ASIC’s official publisher, the ASIC Managed Investments Handbook will help you to save time and comply with ASIC guidelines easily and more effectively.

This handbook will help investment and legal professionals stay on top of ASIC licensing requirements and scheme compliance, product disclosure requirements, and the relief available for managed investment scheme operators. Save on research time: choose online delivery with links that click through to legislation and case law, plus advanced ASIC Materials search functions.

Regularly updated.


  • Consolidates all ASIC policy documents that affect managed investment schemes into one easy-to-search location.
  • Quick reference guide directs you to the policy document you need.
  • Provides timely assistance to help you to comply more effectively with ASIC requirements.
  • Organised and structured clearly and concisely to provide you with the answers you need as quickly as possible.
  • Keeps you informed of developments and changes to ASIC requirements giving you a clearer understanding of your professional obligations.
  • Executive Summaries are released with all updates explaining the reason for the new or updated regulatory documents, giving you important background information.
  • All content is approved by ASIC prior to publication, putting your mind at ease.