Australian Valuations Handbook

Author: Simon Dalgarno
Publisher: Thomson Reuters


Australian Valuations Handbook


Australian Valuation Handbook - Checkpoint Online

From buying or selling a company or its assets, to reorganising intangible assets, to share buy-backs or valuing tax consolidated group assets, the Australian Valuations Handbook provides answers to all valuation questions.
As the valuation methodology is complicated and based on so many variables, this is a must-have resource for accountants, lawyers and businesses to help them perform business valuations, undertake project appraisals, or feasibility studies of all kinds.

Australian Valuation Handbook Features

In the Australian Valuations Handbook, subscribers receive;
  • sound, step-by-step guidance on IFRS requirements, financial analysis, and compliance to the Corporations Act and accounting standards
  • plus ways to tackle contemporary issues such as technological obsolescence, debt, goodwill, options and much more.
  • provides pro forma templates, checklists, 24-hour access to reference material via a subscriber web-page
  • an examination of world's best practice in valuation theory.
This invaluable service includes chapters on Purchase Price Allocation, Impairment of Assets and Forensic Accounting.


Chapter 1  Scoping A Valuation Assignment
Chapter 2  Engagement & Documentation of Assignments
Chapter 3  Reports

Chapter 4  Net Present Value Fundamentals
Chapter 5  Discount Rates
Chapter 6  Price Earnings Ratios

Chapter 7  Research & Data Collection
Chapter 8  Review of Historic Accounts
Chapter 9  Preparation & Review of Forecasts & Projections

Chapter 10  Income Approach
Chapter 11  Market Approach
Chapter 12  Asset Approach
Chapter 13  Other Methods & Considerations
Chapter 14  Guidance on Appropriate Methods

Chapter 15  Valuing 100% of an Entity
Chapter 16  Valuing Minority Interests
Chapter 17 Valuing Options & Convertible Notes
Chapter 18  Particular Valuations
Chapter 19  Taxation

Chapter 20  Reference Materials
Chapter 21  Glossary and Abbreviations
Chapter 22 Additional Reading & Training


  • save time
  • produce professional valuation reports
  • access to up-to-date reference material / statistics
  • Search functionality
  • Written by valuation specialists
  • ensure compliance with the new Accounting Standards (IFRS)