Bar Online Tax Package

Publisher: Thomson Reuters


Bar Online Tax Package


For tax barristers, Bar Online Tax Package has extensive coverage of the full spectrum of tax. It offers detailed analysis and commentary on the tax legislation, access to primary materials (legislation, rulings and tax decisions), a weekly update of all the developments in the tax area and access to two tax Journals.

Online package includes:

  • Australian Complete Income Tax Commentary & Legislation
  • Australian Tax Reports
  • Australian Tax Review
  • Tax Rulings
  • Weekly Tax Bulletin
  • GST Legislation Plus
  • Australian GST Journal
  • Australian GST Handbook

Australian Complete Income Tax Commentary & Legislation

  • Full text of the Income Tax Assessment Acts and related legislation with our comprehensive commentary service.
  • Legislation includes full history notes and updated amendments.

Australian Tax Reports

  • Provides the full text of all income tax decisions by Australian courts and tribunals, as well as other relevant taxes including sales tax, payroll tax, stamp duties and land tax.
  • Full access to the most recent cases by the Federal Court and Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

Australian Tax Review

  • In-depth analysis of current tax issues, cases and legislative developments in the Australian tax environment.
  • Contributors include Justices of the Federal Court and senior practitioners and academics from Australia and overseas.

Tax Rulings

  • Comprehensive collection of Tax Office Rulings and Determinations.

Weekly Tax Bulletin

  • Summary of the week’s tax issues and developments, both Federal and State.
  • Includes practitioner articles and a “Recent Articles" section which lists tax-related articles from a wide range of Australian journals.

GST Legislation Plus

  • Includes section notes for tracking legislative amendments, cross-references to each defined term, alerts to overriding provisions, and relevant overseas and Australian case precedents.

Australian GST Journal

  • Technical analysis of practical issues, and of legislative amendments.
  • Critiques of selected ATO Interpretative Decisions.

Australian GST Handbook

  • Covers all aspects of GST legislation and its relationship to other taxes, including income tax and FBT.