Checkpoint Marketing for Firms - Email Marketing Manager

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Checkpoint Marketing for Firms - Email Marketing Manager

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Checkpoint Marketing for Firms is the leading provider of innovative client communication and marketing solutions serving Accounting firms and other professional service firms in Australia, the United States and Canada.

For over twelve years, Checkpoint Marketing for Firms has been helping Accounting firms:

  • Connect with clients for improved retention and demonstrate thought leadership
  • Inform contacts about hot industry topics and your area of expertise
  • Thrive by achieving your business development goals with highly relevant content

In the current competitive climate, and with so many Accounting firms providing the same types of services, your firm needs to stand out.  Checkpoint Marketing for Firms can help you remain front-of-mind and build long-term relationships with your clients through a fully integrated suite of e-marketing tools, including an email newsletter delivery system and reporting dashboard.

Accounting firms require a consistent and reliable stream of new business to sustain and grow revenue.  Checkpoint Marketing for Firms provides a way to nurture prospects, educate them about your services, provide professionally written content on key business, tax and financial issues that they need - all of which help accounting firms develop a loyal client base that will continue to grow.

Checkpoint Email Marketing Manager features the following tools:

  • Unlimited e-Newsletters that can be sent as frequently as every two weeks
  • Email radar tool that enables you to send out targeted messages
  • Professionally written business, tax & financial newsletter content on the following topic areas:
    • Business, Finance & HR Management
    • Personal Tax
    • Superannuation and Financial Planning
  • Customisation of content giving you the flexibility to personalise the look and feel of each newsletter that you send out
  • Executive Dashboard providing partners and senior management with real-time data, and vital readership information about clients with easy access on their desktop

  • Comprehensive Reporting to keep track of your e-marketing efforts and utilising the client readership data to identify new leads and opportunities for providing additional services
  • Dedicated Customer Support Representative who will set up your account, provide training and be a direct resource to you for ongoing support

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