Desktop Tax Rates And Tables-Checkpoint

Publisher: Thomson Reuters


Desktop Tax Rates And Tables-Checkpoint


Desktop Tax Rates & Tables Overview

Key tax rates at your finger tips. Desktop Tax Rates & Tables is a handy 2 page PDF, and an indispensable aid to quickly access commonly used tax rates, Medicare levy rebates, depreciation, FBT, superannuation and more.

The Tax Return edition is updated to include rates current for the prior tax year, and the Tax Planning edition covers tax rates for both the prior tax year and upcoming tax year (where available).

Desktop Tax Rates & Tables Benefits

  • Save it to your desktop, mobile device, tablet or on the cloud so you can access it anytime, anywhere.
  • Packed with helpful tax information, this product becomes a powerful promotional tool.
  • Give your clients fast, timely access to key tax data in one concise PDF resource and highlight your commitment to providing the best level of service. 
  • Included in subscriptions is both a Tax Return and a Tax Planning edition, plus Archive back to 2017.