IPA Members Handbook

Contributor: Ian Fullerton
Editor: Robin Pennell
Publisher: Thomson Reuters


IPA Members Handbook


*Available exclusive to IPA Members only*

Authored by accounting firm ShineWing Australia, the IPA Members Handbook is your complete tax and accounting information library written by accountants for accountants.  

The IPA Members Handbook supports you with timesaving tools such as Tax Rates & Tables, a Quick Find Guide summarising any changes to thresholds, rates and any major legislative changes affecting accountants, tax calculators, checklists, precedents and pro forma examples.

Each update includes a recent developments summary of the latest topical issues relevant to you and your clients.  Also included is a Knowledge Development Program that provides a self-paced study program and interactive test on the hot topics most relevant to accountants, and an FBT Return Guide to assist you and your clients in preparing an FBT Return.


  • Reconciliation workbook
  • Company tax return preparation checklist
  • FBT Return Guide
  • Recent developments
  • Tax Calc+ containing over 40 tax calculators
  • Tax Rates & Tables
  • Income tax
  • Tax administration
  • Other taxes
  • Government assistance
  • Superannuation
  • Financial management
  • Accounting
  • Business law
  • Overview of GST
  • Templates
  • Knowledge Development Program
  • Glossary of defined terms

The IPA Members Handbook is updated regularly and is available online on our Checkpoint platform.


  • Quick access to regularly updated tax & accounting information, task tools and checklists.
  • By using the product, users are equipped with an efficient and effective research resource - leading to faster delivery of accurate advice and improved professional service to clients.


The IPA Members' Handbook provides comprehensive coverage of key tax and accounting issues and provides tools to help members work efficiently through their tasks. Tools include checklists, precendents, pro forma examples, a knowledge development program - great for CPD, tax rates and tables, tax calculators (online and CD only), access to Tax Rulings and access to a subscibers’ webpage. The Handbook is updated six times each year. Each update includes a recent developments bulletin and a ’Quick Find Guide’ summarising a topical issue. An FBT Return Guide and a Corporate Tax Return Reconciliation Workbook/Checklist are included. Major topics covered by the Handbook include:

Income tax
Tax administration
Other taxes
Government assistance
Financial management
Business law
- Registrations and payment options
- Doing the paperwork
- Supplies of good and services
- GST adjustments
- Transitional rules