Premier Payroll Administrator

Publisher: Thomson Reuters


Premier Payroll Administrator

Whether you are in payroll, HR or finance, Premier Payroll Administrator provides you with up-to-date procedural knowledge that everyone with payroll responsibilities needs.

Premier Payroll Administrator offers a superior service for those that need timely updates throughout the year with the legislative changes. It includes the content from Payroll Administration Manual, but has bonus components as follows:
  • Email alert service – approximately 26 email alerts a year detailing changes as they occur
  • Online access – access the Payroll Administration Manual easily and efficiently for all your team with advanced online searching functions to help you save time
  • Payroll forms – direct links to payroll templates and tax and levy forms online 
  • Payroll links – instant access to important tax rulings, interpretive decisions and legislative documents

You receive:

  • A comprehensive payroll text
  • Access to an email enquiry service with support provided by Payroll Matters
  • A user-friendly guide to taxes and levies
  • Summary tables for the 18 different sets of federal, state and territory tax and levy systems for each area
  • Regular updates reflecting changing laws, regulations and best practice;
  • Regular bulletins