Robson's Annotated Corporations Legislation

Publisher: Thomson Reuters


Robson's Annotated Corporations Legislation


Detailed annotations accompany the current text of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) reproduced in Robson's Annotated Corporations Legislation. Commentary from lawyers working with, and analysing the law, considers how provisions and wording have been interpreted by the courts under the current Act and its forerunners, in a range of contexts. This depth and range is essential in practice for Australia's corporations legislation is particularly complex in its wording and in its interpretation.

The ability to identify a relevant case is a major benefit of an annotated Act, and Robson's Annotated Corporations Legislation offers guidance through the years of judicial interpretation so that a practitioner may quickly come to grips with the issues.

Reflecting how the law works in practice, Robson's Annotated Corporations Legislation also includes related legislative materials for confidence in a professionally maintained practice collection. In order that subscribers have a full practice guide, and in addition to detailed case referencing, the authored cross-references and discussion. 

The broadly experienced author team works under the guidance of highly regarded corporations law authority, Justice Barrett of the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

Robson's Annotated Corporations Legislation is a major law resource for Australia's corporations practitioners.

Online subscribers benefit from up-to-date legislation, detailed currency statements, amendment histories and notifications of future amendments.