Salary Packaging Toolkit

Associate Author: ShineWing Australia
Publisher: Thomson Reuters


Salary Packaging Toolkit


Incorporating all complex transitional rules, the Salary Packaging Toolkit is an invaluable decision-making tool.

Saving you time by quickly and easily building attractive remuneration packages, the Salary Packaging Toolkit gives your business a competitive edge in the recruitment and retention of staff.

The Toolkit, kept up to date with changes to the FBT regime,  including the determination of the taxable value of a car fringe benefit under the statutory method, is an essential resource to assist you and your organisation in creating the right packages.

Simply follow the prompts, fill in the information and receive a full breakdown of the total costs and benefits. Easily test ‘what-if scenarios’ and generate implementation documentation. Save time, and achieve the best possible result for both your organisation and employees.

More and more businesses are utilising salary packaging to attract and retain top performers whilst controlling remuneration costs. Yet, no one standard salary package will be appropriate for all staff. The Salary Packaging Toolkit quickly and easily builds individual remuneration packages designed to help attract and retain top performers.

The Salary Packaging Toolkit is updated annually.

**NB: The Salary Packaging Toolkit is not compatible with Apple computers.


  • Employee Contribution & Salary Packaging Strategies
  • Salary Packaging and Superannuation
  • Salary Packaging & Motor Vehicle Usage policy statements
  • Sample employment agreements and documentation in amendable Word documents
  • Superannuation - reasons for and cautions
  • Novated leases and factsheets
  • Motor vehicle logbook
  • General implementation procedures and worksheet


  • Built in formulae allowing you to implement effective employee contribution strategies
  • Enables you to easily tailor best practice salary packages to suit your specific requirements.
  • Performs quick, efficient, consistent processing to help you meet deadlines and maximise your productivity.
  • Compare different benefits to find the best combination and preview the final package from both the employer and employee perspective
  • Reduce lengthy paperwork and streamline administration
  • Enjoy the confidence of knowing you are working with accurate, up-to-date information.
  • Suitable for all forms of business including not-for-profit organisation, PBI’s and rebatable employees who get concessional FBT treatment. 
  • The capability to view a full breakdown of total costs and benefits of each package, with employer/employee reports and workpapers to document the process
  • Provides comprehensive analysis, including consideration of Medicare levy surcharge, Higher Education Loan Repayments, the Family Tax Benefit, the Flood Levy and more
  • Updated once a year in September