SMSF Investment Restrictions Workflow

Contributor: Pitcher Partners
Publisher: Thomson Reuters
Publish Date: 01/05/2013


SMSF Investment Restrictions Workflow


Managing the compliance aspects of your own or your client's self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) and staying on top of recent changes to the industry is complex and time consuming. 

SMSF Solution - Investment Restrictions is a new workflow tool prepared by Moore Stephens. This detailed tool takes users through a number of items that need to be considered before making an investment in order to ensure that they do not breach any of the restrictions that apply to the investments SMSF trustees can make.

Users may find it useful to purchase the SMSF Solution - Investment Restrictions with the Thomson Reuters SMSF Solution. The commentary service of the Thomson Reuters SMSF Solution features detailed Thomson Reuters commentary and provides information including how to establish a fund, contributions, and paying and managing benefits.

Overall, the Thomson Reuters SMSF Solution is a definitive guide to simplifying all aspects of SMSFs. This online service provides accurate and comprehensive explanations of the complex SMSF requirements, ensuring users a better management of SMSFs and of compliance obligations.


Thomson Reuters SMSF Solution

  • On-line format - content updated as changes occur
  • Features detailed commentary from the Thomson Reuters Superannuation Commentary service
  • Single SMSF resource - covers all aspects of a SMSF in the one place - won't waste time searching various resources
  • Practical task-based guidance - will help 'you' do 'your' job.
  • Weekly email alert on SMSF developments/changes - will keep 'you' up to date.
  • Thomson Reuters SMSF Solution contains the tools you need to do your SMSF work.  By using the tools you can :
    • maximise staff time on recoverable work rather than researching SMSF and updating internal tools.
    • use it as an aide to become more efficient.

SMSF Solution - Investment Restrictions