Tax Calc+

Publisher: Thomson Reuters


Tax Calc+

With compliance tasks on the rise, the need for useful but efficient ways to calculate and query what-if situations for income tax payable, Eligible Termination Payments, CGT/FBT exposure, luxury car leases, motor vehicle claims, HECS liabilities, unused leave entitlements etc is important to professionals in practice and industry, but also individuals as well.

With more than 40 calculators on hand with up-to-date formulas and rates, all you need to do is input the numbers and within minutes the answer is at your fingertips. With the addition of the financial, return on investment and mortgage repayment calculators, Tax Calc+ is updated at regular times throughout the year to ensure they reflect current standards and rates.

Tax Calc + is compatible with Microsoft Excel 97 and above.
Author: ShineWing Australia