Tax Effect Accounting Toolkit

Publisher: Thomson Reuters
Publish Date: 01/05/2013


Tax Effect Accounting Toolkit


Cut through complexity to achieve effective AASB 112 compliance.

This easy-to-use, Excel®-based software simplifies the calculation of relevant tax balances, taking into account issues such as recognition exceptions, asset revaluations, investments in subsidiaries, branches and foreign operations.

Automated for ease-of-use, the Tax Effect Accounting Toolkit accounts for under/overprovision of income tax and includes a full note disclosure function and reconciliation worksheets for property, plant and equipment. In-built validation checks, search and rollover functions, and detailed commentary and templates save valuable time on research and simplify this complex area.

No matter what your reporting requirements, this tool can help you more easily: 

  • Quantify the effect of adopting the AASB 112 standard 
  •  Prepare tax opening balances/prior year comparatives that comply with AASB 112 
  •  Prepare tax numbers that comply with AASB 112 for full year and interim accounts

Tax Effect Accounting Toolkit is updated annually.

Author: ShineWing Australia