Termination Payout Calculator

Author: Payroll Matters
Publisher: Thomson Reuters


Termination Payout Calculator


Termination payout calculator tool for faster, more confident processing

Make even complex terminations a breeze! This time-saving software processes all grounds for termination (resignation, dismissal, retirement, redundancy, invalidity, death) AND generates ATO and Centrelink forms to go with them - in minutes.

Termination Payout Calculator Features

For all termination types, including redundancy, this time-saving software:

  • prompts you to key in the right information;
  • performs the required tax calculations for you;
  • generates warning messages if the required tax criteria has not been met;
  • produces employee and payer reports with detailed calculations;
  • produces ATO, Centrelink and Child Support forms; and
  • ensures you’re calculating the correct values with built-in help facilities.

Termination Payout Calculator features regular updates via an online subscription. The online-delivery ensures you download updates faster at critical times of the year.

Termination Payout Calculator Benefits

  • TPC performs termination payment calculations for all termination types, including resignation, dismissal, redundancy and retirement.
  • Calculates the tax requirements as per tax law and produces most of the tax paperwork as well.
  • Provides a guidebook, full help menu and worked examples for common termination calculations
  • Offers an export function for easy data analysis and reporting
  • Includes an import function that allows for fast importation of employee details from existing payroll systems or Excel worksheets
  • Provides audit trail software for detailed record keeping

Termination Payout Calculator Demo Videos

  • Introduction Tour (5:19) - Play
  • Redundancy Tour (6:51) - Play
  • Retirement Tour (6:51) - Play