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Thomson Reuters Tax Q & A


Thomson Reuters Tax Q&A

Thomson Reuters Tax Q&A Service is an online service that allows you to ask a question on a wide range of issues, saving you time and helping you to clarify a piece of legislation, ruling or case. The answers are prepared by Moore Stephens WA, on behalf of Thomson Reuters.

Service Levels to Suit Your Practice

There are 2 levels to choose from, Thomson Reuters Tax Q&A Service is available as a 12-month subscription on our Checkpoint platform as follows:


Standard subscription, enabling the firm to ask up to 20 questions during the subscription period.


Introductory subscription, which enables the firm to ask up to 5 questions during the subscription period and purchase top ups.


A top up service is available when you wish to increase your quota of questions. All levels of subscription to the Tax Q&A service include access to the Thomson Reuters Tax Q & A Database where some of the answers to questions that have been submitted are categorised and stored on the Checkpoint platform as a source of reference for your organisation.

Q&A Topics

The service covers most income tax, GST, FBT, CGT and Superannuation related tax questions. It does not cover State taxes & Duties, SMSF Investment issues and accounting or auditing related questions.


  • Submit a tax question via the Checkpoint online form, and receive a response within 3 business days**
  • Responses are managed by a team of experienced advisers to ensure a high quality of service.



  • Quick turnaround - responses to tax questions received within 3 business days to your email inbox**
  • Quick and easy to submit a question - via online form on Checkpoint
  • Reliable and accurate responses provided by Moore Stephens Perth
  • One-on-one service - customers send in a question, and receive a response to that particular question
  • Service covers various topics - income tax, GST, FBT, tax-related superannuation
  • Saves you time having to search for the response yourself, or search through various sources - responses include references to other TR publications and source materials
  • Reinforces your understanding of tax issues affecting your clients
  • Answers provide clear, practical guidance ensuring you understand the impact of developments in tax law

**NB: Moore Stephens Perth aim to adhere to this timeframe, excluding public holidays and christmas closure period. However, there may be exceptions to this rule depending on the question's complexity and during certain busy periods of the year.  Superannuation related questions are usually more complex than general tax questions, and may therefore take longer time than 3 business days.