XYZ Audit Manual

Publisher: Thomson Reuters
Publish Date: 01/05/2013


XYZ Audit Manual


XYZ Audit Manual – Checkpoint Online

Authored by Walker Wayland Advantage Audit Partnership, who have many years experience in providing audit and assurance services to clients, this complete reference guide gives you thorough and straightforward explanations of the most up-to-date audit procedures.

XYZ Audit Manual offers an extensive range of audit program and recording templates, checklists and sample letters, and offers risk-based approaches to help you define and achieve your auditing objectives. The clear, practical information and templates will support you throughout your auditing process, covering everything from acceptance and engagement processes to audit testing techniques and ethical conduct.

This Audit Manual is an important reference guide and toolset, allowing you to stay up to date on changes and announcements by the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (AUASB) while confidently juggling the activities and detailed documents involved in your audit engagements.

XYZ Audit Manual Features

  • Clear summaries of audit standards, policy statements and practice notes with explanatory commentary on regulatory change.
  • An extensive range of audit program and letter templates, checklists and sample records. These are available with your online Checkpoint subscription.
  • Coverage of legal practitioners’ trust accounts, including auditor responsibilities, auditing standards, state audit requirements and template reports.
  • Coverage of superannuation funds, including commentary, checklists and template letters and audit reports.

XYZ Audit Manual Benefits

  • Safeguards you as you provide a complex and high-risk professional service.
  • Helps you conduct and document your audits using the latest standards and practices.
  • Offers a risk-based approach to planning and achieving audit objectives.
  • Hands you the tools and framework you need, along with current regulatory information, to save you valuable time on research and administration.
  • Enables efficient and effective audit, adding value for you and your clients.


  • Ensures that audits are conducted using the latest standards and practices
  • Uses a risk-based approach to plan and achieve audit objectives
  • Enables efficient and effective audit adding value to clients
  • Saves you time.